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The TACTIC project is co-funded by the European Commission under the HEALTH-Contract No. F3-2013-602771​

WP 7

Clinical decision-making support for the identification and management of coagulopathic bleeding

WP lead Prof Karim Brohi, London


We need a mechanism to facilitate the rapid implementation of new knowledge from TACTIC and potentially the integration of VHA into the wider work stream. Partner 5 will lead this integrated work package, in collaboration with our industry Partners to:

  • Determine barriers to the acceptance of VHA by trauma clinicians.
  • Implement robust and fair contracts and property rights between all Partners and 3rd party medical device software development consultants.
  • Develop and assess a “classic trauma” display mock-up.
  • Translate new understanding of TIC patient patterns and feedback into re-engineered trauma display, incorporating new visual interface alerts.
  • Conduct a multi-centre study to validate the enhanced dynamic VHA trauma display.


  1. Determine existing barriers to acceptance of VHA for the management of TIC.

  2. Management of software development and ownership rights.

  3. Deliver a trauma-specific graphic interface mock-up.

  4. Develop final software for a fast and easy-to-use visual alert interface.

  5. Set-up and conduct a multi-cycle evaluation study.


Delivery date (month)​



​Qualitative description of use and perceived barriers to VHA.Manuscript containing interview transcripts and summary of recommendations for VIA format




​Scientific report on VIA software




Delivery date (month)​



Trauma-specific graphic interface prototypes




Trauma-specific graphic interface prototypes




Nomination of final VIA software release candidate



Section of Transfusion Medicine Capital Region Blood Bank & Department of Clinical Immunology

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