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The TACTIC project is co-funded by the European Commission under the HEALTH-Contract No. F3-2013-602771​

WP 6

Functional coagulation response- delivery of a personalised treatment algorithm

WP lead Dr Nicole Juffermans, Amsterdam


The aim is to demonstrate how the administration of specified amounts of blood products and pro-coagulants influence haemostatic competence within different patterns of TIC patients. This will enable the development of a personalized treatment algorithm for the correction of functional coagulation in coagulopathic patients . Partner 2 will lead this WP to:

  • Define functional and molecular changes due to therapy, based on output from WP4&5.
  • Deliver a patient-matched treatment algorithm for the different coagulopathic patterns.


  1. Describe molecular response to existing pro-coagulation therapy.

  2. Determine functional coagulation response to existing therapy.

  3. Deliver personalised treatment algorithm for the targeted correction of coagulopathy.


Delivery date (month)​



Scientific report of TIC patient response to existing therapy. Report describing changes in VHA profiles and biomarker signatures for TIC patients during transfusion




Delivery date (month)​



Personalised VHA treatment algorithm for WP8



Section of Transfusion Medicine Capital Region Blood Bank & Department of Clinical Immunology

Blegdamsvej 9
DK-2100 København Ø

CVR: 29765774

E-mail: contact@tacticgroup.dk