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The TACTIC project is co-funded by the European Commission under the HEALTH-Contract No. F3-2013-602771​

WP 5

Diagnosis of TIC and patient patterns​

WP lead Dr Tina Gaarder, Oslo


A critical barrier to the enhancement of TIC management is the ability to rapidly and accurately diagnose the disease. TACTIC partners have already demonstrated the potential for VHA in this role , and will build-upon the data from WP3&4 to:

  • Define VHA diagnostic criteria of ‘normal’ and ‘coagulopathic’ patients.
  • Formalise the classification of TIC patient patterns.
  • Map biomarker signatures to VHA profiles of coagulopathic patients.​


  1. Define VHA criteria for clinical definition of ‘normal’ and ‘coagulopathic’ coagulation.

  2. Determine VHA profiles associated with TIC patterns.
  3. Provide risk stratification score for the identification and characterisation of TIC.


Delivery date (month)​



Scientific report describing TIC VHA patient patterns. Report detailing clinical diagnosis of TIC patterns by VHA, their linkage with functional coagulation profiles and biomarker signatures, and their association with haemorrhage, transfusion, morbidity and mortality.




Delivery date (month)​



Risk stratification score for WP8.



Section of Transfusion Medicine Capital Region Blood Bank & Department of Clinical Immunology

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