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The TACTIC project is co-funded by the European Commission under the HEALTH-Contract No. F3-2013-602771​

​Open positions

​TACTIC Research Exchange Placement programme

​General information and aims:

​As part of Work Package 9 of the TACTIC project, the INTRN partner hospitals offer 1-month exchange programmes at their respective sites. This exchange program facilitates the clinical, scientific and personal development of its researchers. During the exchange placements, staff and students are able to conduct standardised patient recruitment (incl. VHA assays) and specific TACTIC tasks (e.g. database analysis) in different EC-regions, thereby promoting wider experience for clinical researchers themselves and promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas between EC centres.

Early career investigators will be supported by the partner leads at INTRN sites in their roles as research mentors and advocates (e.g. exchange visitor hosts, public engagement activities, media outputs) to ensure full ‘internal’ integration and coordination of the research teams, as well as between ‘external’ partners. TACTIC will also provide development opportunities for more senior EC investigators (e.g. as WP leads, consensus meeting organisers) and technical staff (e.g. international working).

​Duration of placement:

​Typically one month. This period could be extended in consultation with the respective partners/site leads.

​Budget per placement:

​There is a budget of €3,100 per annum to support exchange placements.


Researchers may apply for an exchange placement via the TACTIC Exchange Application Form. It is envisioned that there will be one exchange visit award per year. However, subject to the availabilty of additional self-funding from within the partner institutes, and a timely need for a visit to occur within a specified timeframe, it might be possible to support more than one research exchnage placement per year. Applications from TACTIC partner institutes have priority.

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